How to become a Property Manager

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I did a quick research on how to become a Property Manager. I found some saying you need to be an agent or broker while others offered education classes. I am a little confused on how to actually become one. I am interested in investing. However, with the lack of funds, I thought becoming a property manager to get experience would be a great place to start. So if anyone has any suggestions or know how to become one the help would be greatly appreciated. 

Skip the certifications of being a PM and just do Master leasing. This gets you out of many legal requirements.

You lease a property with the understanding that you are subleasing the property to a long term renter. You take the calls from the tenant but the owner pays for repairs as they are your landlord.

You can guarantee the rent to the owner or do a performance based lease where they get paid when you get paid.

Hi Michael,

I would check with the state in which you reside and see what is required to be a property manager. Most states require that you have a real estate license to lease and manage real estate for others. If you are just doing this for your own properties, you don't need a license. A great place to start with education, is the NARPM, National Association of Residential Property Managers. If you want to rent multi family only, then you look for the NAA, National Apartment Association. Hope this helps

@Michael J Ralph , I believe 47 states require some type of license: PM, realtor, broker.  Research your state requirements.

@John Underwood had a great suggestion as well.  It's a quasi-loop hole but a lot of people do this.  You can also consider being a co-manager with landlords, in most states you only need a license to discuss rates & terms.  So leave that to the landlords and then you handle all the tenant screening, maintenance requests and rent collection.

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