Landlords illegally subleased to me

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So my brother in law offered me a place to stay as long as I found a roommate to cover the rent with. I did. It was my daughter, fiance and myself, as well as my roommate and her 2 teenagers. We paid rent on time every month. First 2 months cash but they would never bring us a receipt so August 2019 we paid off a card, which they did take the funds. The "lease" they gave us was for December 2019. Today on August 29, 2019 we were evicted by the company who actually owned the house. We got a 24 hour notice, as we did each month. They told us not to worry about it. I took the last bit of money and got a weekly. Is there anything I can do about my brother in law taking our rent and not paying the actually company as well as illegally subleasing and refusing to pay back a deposit?

What starts out crazy, only gets crazier.  There were a lot of red flags here - not getting a receipt for cash payments is a biggie.  Telling you "not to worry" about a notice - that's just nuts.  Your brother-in-law owes you the security deposit back but it sounds like he wasn't too concerned about anyone but himself from the start.  You could take him to small claim's court or rally the larger family to guilt the heck out of him - but I think there's something more you should be doing:  taking care of you.

You need a better housing solution.  Please consider contacting your city's housing assistance division to find out if you qualify for their assistance.  It could be a long-time solution, with property options, and provide you with a better quality of life - especially if it's void of having your brother-in-law in it.  

You owe this to yourself and your daughter.  Please make that call.