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What should I be renovating for ROI

Steve Totino
Posted Sep 2 2019, 06:38

Hi I have a 2 family home. One is 2 bedroom and the other is 1 bedroom. I plan on keeping this home for a very long time.

I will be working on the 1 bedroom unit (1.5 bath), as I will be moving in this unit. While I am moving in this unit, I am still treating it as an investment home because I'm not sure how long I will be staying. My dad owns a general construction business so he will be doing the work, so I will be getting a little break on some things...I want a nice place but biggest ROI upgrades. Here are some things I was thinking of...

---Making it a 2 bedroom, there are 2 rooms, but one is a "living room" as soon as you walk into the front door. Both have closets.

---Relocating the closet in one of the bedrooms. Right now the closet is adjacent to the full bathroom. When you walk into the bathroom, it's about 2 feet to get to the toilet/shower. Tearing down the wall and making it open up more. Talked to my dad and he said this wouldn't be difficult to do.

---I tore up the carpet, and there was wood flooring below, so refinishing that

---The kitchen had awful backsplash, took that down and will replace. Also putting in quartz countertops, taking out the laminate

---Taking down the wall and adding a half wall to the cabinets in the kitchen, to create a more modern open concept floor plan.

---Right now the washer/dryer is in the basement and to get to it you need to go down the bilco doors. I was going to relocate that to stack-able in unit.

---New bathtub/toilet, look dated

--replacing bathroom tile as pictured

--painting all the walls myself and painting the radiators

Let me know if you think anything on this list should/could be knocked off, or if I could do anything differently


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