Who here places hospice/disabled/VA/elderly in private homes?

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My elderly mother lives in a nice mobile home park in Largo, FL and is in need of a roommate. She has a relatively small room available in a double-wide with a Florida room overlooking a lake. I'm looking for referrals for professionals who place individuals who have need of a private room. Could be hospice, disabled, veteran, elderly or anyone who would accept a small room with an elderly owner who's available for meal prep, conversation, limited transportation, etc. 

Thank you.

I would call around to home health or rehabilitation facilities. A lot of the facilities and home health agencies will have a full time social worker on staff that could give you some referrals. 

You may also ask around to people that are in nursing or other full time professional schools. You get a lot more non-traditional students in the full time professional schools and most of those types of schools. She may be able to find someone that is going back to school that is in need of an affordable place to rent. My grandmother went to nursing school when she was in her 50s. She lived about an hour and a half away from campus, so she rented a room from a single mom that lived near campus. She was their full time roommate from Sunday evening - Friday afternoon every week.