How to inform tenants of constructing an ADU from garage

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Hi BP Fam!

First post here. I have a 4BR that is fully rented out to college students. I'm trying to get approved on an ADU unit that would convert the garage into 2br / 2 bathrooms as well as an extention for a living room to help increase my rent. How should I inform my renters to maximize the chance that they will be onboard? Do I need a signed document from them saying that they agree? My concern is that they will say no since I am taking some of their garage but I was thinking of building an additional drive way to replacing their carpet with hardflooring. Please let me know of any thoughts!


***I am not an attorney but you may wish to consult one.

Much of your question is determined by your lease language and wether the garage is attached to the home.

Most leases terms are structured to include “use” of items like a garage. In those language cases, the landlord reserves rights to areas of the property like a garage. This clause can help protect the landlord in cases of loss. The only thing most renters are contractually obligated to in their lease is the dwelling. The garage is NOT a dwelling.

However, I would be cautious if the garage is attached to the current home because the tenant may be able to argue that it is part of the rental in that case.

I am curious to hear other thoughts on this question.