Massachusetts Eviction Costs

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Hi there!

I have a 3-unit property in Worcester, MA. We've recently finalized the court process of receiving the eviction execution letter by the judge, and are finally now able to legally evict the tenant.

The attorney I'm working with has told me that I need to pay $3000 deposit to the constable, to cover for - moving costs, 2 months storage unit, sheriff and a few other fees. I was also told that some of that amount could potentially be returned to me, in case it wasn't used for the eviction process eventually.

I live in CA and do not have the option to be physically present during the execution day, hence would never know what happened there. Also, the monthly rent for that apartment is $1400.

1. Can anyone here, that had a similar eviction happening in MA, comment about the costs I've mentioned here? Do these make any sense?

2. Given this deposit is worth more than 2 months of rent, would you recommend me to do anything else in this case? I've heard that maybe it's possible to wait 30 days since execution day and then (given the evicted tenant did not take out their stuff) simply throw all their stuff out, and save some money?

Any advice would be very much appreciated.


Hi @Alon Maoz

We went through an eviction here in MA last year... it was tough (see here), and the numbers you're being quoted are in the ballpark.  For us, it was about $4-600 for the Sheriff / constable to go and "evict" and about $2,600 for storage.  So $3,000 is about right.

We lucked out in the end, and the tenant left on her own.  She left us about a 20 cubic yard dumpster of stuff, but I did not care at that point.  It was a Saturday, the day the tenant was expected to leave was a Monday, when via text she confirmed that she was out.  I took several screenshots of our conversation, Monday came, I changed the locks, ordered the dumpster, and went to town!

That's your best bet... get the tenant to leave on their own.  Maybe offer them a few hundred dollars as a sweetener? It hurts, but...

Best of luck!


At some point, you should consider buying rent default insurance that will reimburse you a portion of your lost rental income and legal expenses when a tenant defaults.  That coverage may not reimburse all of your expenses but every bit helps.

Good luck!


those numbers are reasonable.  the constable I had used, server the Execution letter and told them to leave. He did not hire the moving company hoping that in the few days that the tenant left on their own.  This way the moving company takes alot less and charges accordingly... no set $$ value unfortunately. 

Alon the cost are in the ball park. If you do enough business with the constable and he does enough business with the mover he may not require payment in advance but you will still pay either way.

Option 2 you listed is not an option, there is no such thing in MA. There is something about abandoned apartment but not they way you present it. It is better to pay and be sure it is done right.