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Hi everyone,

I have a 720sqft property in Indianapolis.

I need to replace the floor and paint the interior house (walls, trip, 2 doors)

The contractor that I worked with him until now raised his prices dramatically and I would like to create a benchmark for me in order to make sure I'm not overpaying

I like to ask you from your experience, how much should cost installation of the vinyl floor (materials and work) for 1 sqft

And how much should cost regular interior paint: (walls, trip, 2 doors)  for 720sqft.

Thanks in advance,


@Aviv Berkovitch

I don't know the Indy market but I'd bet you'd find someone competent for $10-15/hr if you can get them going.

Depending on the number of cuts/corners, etc I'd bet you'd be at 1.5 -3.5 days labor to complete a job like this.

So, do the math.

Of course if you go the 'professional' route IE Homeadvisor be prepared to pay 3-8x that easy.

On the paint, I'd probably start my negotiating for that at maybe $650 to $900 depending on number of cuts around trim, etc.

Doesn't mean you'd get someone at that but I wouldn't pay more than another 1.2x what I said above.