Financing for rentals question

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Hey guys sorry to keep asking questions but what would be best way to finance your properties. For example I'm a veteran and wanna buy a duplex for 60k and would need 12k in Reno, now I have the 12k for reno but what's the absolute best strategy to get the 60k for the house and then within 3 months buy yet another duplex with either the 12k I put into the other home or get not only money for the house ima buy but also the reno cost. My goal is 3-4 duplexes within a year then buy apartment complex, thanks guys!

Wow... lots of ways - Hard money, private lender, VA loan, USDA loan, fix and flip loan - lots of lenders out there that offer 100% purchase and 100% rehab, others have derivations of that. Do some research and search around you'll find plenty.