Recovering loses from eviction

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Hi there everyone. Looking for a little bit of advice before talking to my lawyer as they are pricy. So I unfortunately had a eviction cost me about 2500 from lost rent and water bill expenses. My tenant has vanished before the eviction even started so I have no idea where he went. I want to take him to small claims court and apparently I need to have home served and to do that I need to know his location. I'm hoping someone on here has some advice on what my other options are. Like is there any way possible to get my money back from this tenant without having to track him down. All advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks

You could hire someone to track him down, but you would likely just be throwing good money after bad.  Just be glad the tenant left and didn't drag things out longer, and work on improving your tenant screening process.

@Justin Butterfield you'd probably spend more time and money tracking them down than you'd get back, just be happy they left and didn't fight the eviction and stay in the house every step of the way for free.  People who get evicted for not paying rent generally don't have much that you could take immediately, IF you find the person and IF you get a favorable judgement it could be a long time of garnishments before you are made whole.

It's called Skip Tracing and tools are available online. There are probably some free ones but they probably suck or give you just a little information while enticing you to upgrade.

CLICK HERE for a decent guide.

Personally, I think it's worth the money to hire a professional. Search your yellow pages or Google for a service processor and see what they can do for you and what it costs.

Keep in mind that getting a judgment doesn't mean you'll actually get paid. I have around 40 collection accounts. Only two have paid in full. A few more have paid some and then disappeared. The vast majority will never pay a dime but at least it sits on their credit report and perhaps prevents them from cheating someone else.