Contractor Accountability App

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I want to monitor what time a contractor arrives and leaves a property to make repairs and gets the tenant’s signature confirming it was completed satisfactorily.

@Joseph F.

Bad string of contractors?

If you ask any tenant, the maintenance guys are idiots and the landlord is a slumlord.

How do you know your tenants know work was done correctly? They know hvac building codes, electric and plumbing codes?

Just because "it works" doesn't mean it works correctly. I make a healthy living fixing stuff "that worked" just saying.

Light fixtures back feeding other circuits, but the light works (as long as you know which 2 breakers to trip, lmao)

Frankenstein's furnace? It works!

I saw 6 inches of missing water pipe fixed with newspaper and spray foam once (no pipe at all) . It worked though, I'll give the guy credit for that, haha.