Should I hire a House Crew for my Airbnb?

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Hey BP Family, 

I am currently looking into Multi Family properties as well as single family homes with finished basements in the DMV area and plan to possibly rent out the extra units/rooms and also use Airbnb. My question is should I hire a Cleaning Crew to clean between Airbnb stays? I work a Full-time and Part Time Job so I get home around 10-11pm on average every night. I could do it myself but would it be more logical to hire a cleaning crew? If so whats a good average price for a cleaning crew for a finished basement or full apartment? Lastly, should the cleaning crew be responsible for the key swap between stays or should I invest in a keyless pad and change the code between stays? 

@LaQuan Bates

Yes, you should hire a cleaning crew. It sounds like you don't have the time.  A professional crew will probably do a better job and do it faster. Lastly, you can write off the cost on your tax return. 

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You are charging the renters for cleaning, so just use the cleaning fee to pay a cleaning service. You should treat this like a business and just manage the property. It will free you up to find more real estate investments.

@LaQuan Bates -  Absolutely hire the cleaning crew. You need to run this like a business that doesn't run off you breaking your back.

I pay my cleaning lady $75 per turn.  I charge my guests $75 for cleaning.  Cleaning is probably the most important part about running a successful AIRBNB.  Bad cleaning will sink your ratings and reviews.  Only hire someone who will do a professional job, even if it costs you a bit extra.

I use a lockbox with a key.  I'm eventually going to switch to a digital keypad.  Get one that hooks up to wifi and swap the code from your phone.