Tenants in the Military

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I currently own a small portfolio of rental homes in the Vegas area. Ihave a situation in which tenants, that are younger and in the military and have really beat up my home badly with liquor bottles, to a ripped off door, to what I believe is drug paraphernalia etc etc  We recently took control of the property and will be contacting their commanding officer and if we have these drugs tested and they are what we think they are, then I believe we will have some real issues on our hand.  They are going to owe at least $15k -$25k is my guess because the broken lease, damages, etc  Is a lawsuit the only option?    Thank you in advance for any input  

Why contact their commanding officer? And why would their CO take a call directly from you? I would handle this like any other tenant. If there are drugs present, I would call law enforcement. Do NOT touch anything. Depending on the drug, even a small amount can have adverse affects (fentanyl can be absorbed through the skin). If they owe a large number like that, I would contact the prior tenants directly for payment, and then go through the courts (which could then entail contacting their military branch for garnishment of wages). I would think if you get them into too much trouble with their CO and/or the military, they could be discharged, and then you'll never get your money. 

@Matt Dinofia I am retired Navy. Definitely contact their Commanding Officer. He can order them to fix this unlike civilians. Send him proof (documents, pictures etc).

This will likely not sit well his command at all and you should get some help on this and hopefully avoid having to go to court.