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I am under contract to purchase a 15 bedroom house that is currently used as shared housing. My intention is to continue that use, but rather than have 15 tenants I would like to partner with an organization that would be my master tenant. That organization would be responsible for the lease payment and would subsequently find the tenants to occupy the rooms. Does anyone have any experience with organizations in the Tacoma, Washington area that is in need of affordable housing? My preference is an organization that houses veterans through the VASH program. Anyone have connections there? I've reached out to the Tacoma Public Housing Authority but have yet to get a reply from them.

@Tim Lynch

Hey Tim,

I have been seeking to purchase a hotel or larger “house” to help curve the rising pierce county homeless veteran population. I have multiple contacts I can provide you with however, I don’t think they operate the way you are seeking.

You provide your rental requirements and they can provide you tenants for you to approve or deny. Then they guarantee a portion of the rent.

Obviously they will be able to provide more details, suggestions, and answer any of your questions.

Feel free to PM me for more information.



@Tim Lynch

That is a great concept! You could reach out to the local VFW or Veteran Aid to see if there is a contact they may have for you. 

My Dad is a veteran and I have 2 sons that are soldiers. I appreciate those who look to help support those who defend our country.