What to do if a tenant tests positive for Covid 19

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This is a theoretical question.

We have a 4 unit and a 6 unit rental property. If a tenant were to test positive, do we as owners have a legal obligation to notify the other tenants in the building? We would want to handle it in a manner that is professional without the other tenants losing their minds. We do think that it would only be fair to notify the other tenants, but are looking for suggestions on a good way to handle the situation should it arise. Thanks ahead of time!

I would definitely NOT tell the neighbors.  That is their personal private business.  It would be up to the health department to inform others and they are very careful to not identify a person.

I there are shared services such as HVAC that goes through more than one unit, you should contact the health department on what to do, like maybe a window unit for one unit so there is not a transfer of germs.  I just split out 3 units that shared HVAC so they each have their own separate system, it was not cheap!  It was BTW done as part of the remodel not due to the virus.  I would think that HAVAC is probably the biggest issue.

I'm not sure how you would know unless they told you; anyone else telling you would be a HIPAA violation. If they did tell you, in a MFH setup where there were any common areas I think you would have the responsibility of notifying your local health department and letting them assist from there. I'm sure before that happened they would already know, as I'm sure health authorities are required to notify local health departments of anyone testing positive right now.