Hi everyone, I just purchased my first flipper last week. At least that's the idea. The house has a non-paying tenant. Because of this fact, I negotiated the price of the home extremely low. Here is the problem. The previous owner made an agreement (on paper, and yes I have it) with one individual to rent the property for $900 a month with the option to purchase the home. A month later this individual was sent to jail and he won't be out anytime soon. The owner made a verbal agreement with the individual's girlfriend for $600 a month or repairs to the house in that amount each month. She hasn't made a single payment either. The previous owner (being out of state owner) didn't want to mess with the eviction as he would rather have someone live in it then have it abandoned. I'm assuming he was a buy and hold type of guy. Question is how do I evict these people? I don't want to rent it, I want to flip it. Any ideas?