Muncie, Indiana Rentals

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I’m currently in the process of saving money to buy a house in Muncie, Indiana. I won’t be able to make the purchase until roughly 2 years from now but I was wondering if Muncie is better for renting properties or if flipping houses would be good to do as well.

Also, any Muncie investors who see this, if you wouldn’t mind shooting me a message so I can ask some other small questions that would be great!

I think Muncie is a great town for renting.  I would really really focus on the tenant screening to make sure the income is secure, as well as the renters credit and history.  Muncie is hurting for good rentals with good property management.  I know there are a lot of slumlords in the area, so anyone that comes through with good management and good systems will have great success.  I am a local realtor so I would be glad to help you.  

@Javen Bowman

Good for you! If I were getting ready to buy my first property I would make it my own. Buy something with extra bedrooms or an additional unit you can rent out. That way someone else is covering one of your biggest costs - housing.

I haven’t flipped in Muncie but I agree with @Dentric Vance . Be diligent on finding good properties and good tenants and you’ll learn the rest as you go.

@Michael Standish The only issue I have with renting out a bedroom is trusting that person. It seems pretty risky and I like the privacy of having my own home. But ultimately if it came down to it and that was my only option then I’d probably end up doing it. It’s a great idea for a lot of people but for some it’s not. I think I’d just have to find out