High than usual water bill

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My tenants (2 units total) pay utilities except for water and the water bill is higher than normal. What would be the best way to address to them about pitching in more money due to higher water bill? Thanks! 

You can't during COVID, would be considered a rent increase.  I would schedule a maintenance inspection to look for leaks and any bad tenant habits, and leave them with a one pager on how to conserve water and let them know rent will go up to cover the higher bills when memorandum is lifted if it doesn't come down.  We are in the same boat, would love to know what tenants are doing to use that much water.  Ours are low income units with no laundry or dishwasher, so suspect stupid long showers or unreported drips.  Once we found a big inflatable swimming pool, which is a whole 'nother issue...