Lets chat about Kamala Harriss' RELIEF Act bill.

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Today she posted, "I announced the RELIEF Act, a bill to ban evictions and foreclosures for renters and homeowners for a year—and prohibit landlords from raising the rent during this health and economic crisis. Housing is a human right. It’s time we treated it like one."

"The legislation, which Harris plans to introduce next week, would ban evictions and foreclosures for a year while giving tenants up to 18 months to pay back missed payments. The current federal ban on evictions — which only covers the roughly 1 in 4 rental units in the country with a federally backed mortgage — expires July 24."

Here is the website for more information: https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/16/kamala-harris-housing-evictions-366413?fbclid=IwAR3MmX5Jt7lLtvXO0Qp_igwJs6RB8CV8Ga-rO8_KTymZFFgXlxP5jmy714A 

As long as the legislation offers relief to landlords, I would be on board.  The US economy is being decimated by COVID-19, I am on board to help my tenants but hope that the government realizes that being a landlord does not equate to unlimited cash to pay my mortgage and keep up with maintenance on the building.  

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There must be some sort of competition going on among these politicians to see who can come up with a bill to give away the most amount of other people’s money.

Each one of their bills seems to try to outdo the one proposed before it (and not in a good way). 

I’m all for preventing evictions during the pandemic and think the government needs to take responsibility to ensure that people are housed.  I also have no problem with tenants having 18 months or longer to get caught up that certainly sounds reasonable if not a little too soon.  My issue comes on them stating we have to be the ones to float funds when if they feel compelled to help people they should take the financial risk.  I would gladly accept a gov check to cover lost rent and would not evict as long as I was still being paid and then the government could collect the amount owed.  The problem is they know these funds will never be paid back so they won’t take on the risk why should we.  Not all of us have mortgages and this is our source of income which they are essentially saying we are not entitled to.  I hope they have the same level of generosity when it comes to us paying property taxes when they told tenants they didn’t have to pay and could go into a payment plan we all know is a joke.  The issue is there are more renters than landlords and this is nothing more than them pandering for votes at our expense.

Today she posted, "I announced the RELIEF Act, a bill that has zero chance of passing or getting signed into law. However, it will get my name in the news, hopefully appease some of the woke CA voters who don't like me, and maybe Biden will see this and select me as his VP running mate."

It's not a serious attempt to get something passed. It is a political advertisement.