Who manufactures this window screen?

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Hi folks,

Trying this again because last time my images didn't load properly.

I'll cut to the chase.  Does anyone recognize which manufacturer belongs to this OEM window screen?  

I need to replace the sash and this is the only shred of documentation I can find across multiple windows, all of the same (unknown) manufacturer.  It's a double hung vinyl window if that matters.  I can upload pics of the hardware if that would help.

Thanks for looking!

In my experience, it doesn't really matter who the official manufacturer is. You should be able to call a local windows and screens vendor and get it replaced or repaired for a reasonable price. Good vendors will probably even have difference frame colors or finishes to choose from. It wouldn't be worth trying to find the exact manufacturer. I say take a picture of the screen and then send it to a local screen guy for an estimate. 

@Ethan Jacobsen

As stated, I need to replace the sash, and it absolutely matters if its the same manufacturer as the upper sash, with which it will interlock.

@Wesley W.

Sorry about misunderstanding that... If the windows don't have any information and the screens don't seen to have anything useful on them, I would probably still contact a window/screen guy to see if they could identify it for you since they're dealing with them on a daily basis. Sorry I couldn't help. 

@Ethan Jacobsen   @Jim S.

Yeah, I have already turned over those proverbial stones.  I'm finding there are a LOT of window installers operating in the area, dealing with many manufacturers.  I'm also finding that most window vendors couldn't be bothered to help me.  It's like pulling teeth to get them to examine the label.  Everybody wants to be just sell me a window.  Pretty frustrating.

I'm trying to avoid replacing the entire window, not only because of the cost (materials and labor) but all of the associated finish work, inside and out.  I'd just rather snap in a new sash and call it a day.  Unfortunately, it's looking like replacing the whole thing might be the only option at this point.