Siding Problems - Need Recommendation

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Could someone please help with the following situation. See Google drive for pics:

My house was built in 1971 and has the original composite wood siding. From the pictures, there are certainly places with damage but I'd say the majority is in decent condition.

I am currently house hacking this house but plan to move out soon and turn it into a long term rental property. It is a single family house near Denver in a suburban neighborhood.

My original plan was just to have a contractor spot fix the places in the pictures. However, after talking to more people I am considering changing the entire siding. I am trying to figure out if this is worth it.

I have been told the most cost effective, long term solution is to put vinyl siding over the current composite wood siding. They would put a layer of insulation in between.

I like this idea because it seems like it will be low maintenance and really take care of the problem rather than just putting a band aid on it. I also love the look, price and durability of vinyl siding. My biggest concern is that I am over improving. Does anyone feel that this would be over improving? Of course, the price is substantial too – looking around $12k.

Anyway, this is a really big decision for me and I would really appreciate anyone being able to give any insight! Thank you so much

@Bradley Dosch sure there are some issues, but most can be solved with some caulk, paint, and possibly a little carpentry. I wouldn’t replace with vinyl (shorter life) and I wouldn’t spend a fortune replacing it. I would get a handyman in and maybe a painter.

The siding along the roof is installed incorrectly. There should be a space between the shingles and siding and there should be step flashing installed. You can of course fix it, or just leave it as is and repair it eventually.

If it were me, I’d spend a few hours of a handyman and get it to the good enough stage. I’m sure you could spend that money better.

Looks like you just bought the home. These things should have been addressed at inspection just so you know. 

Hardie siding is good, but expensive. If you were going to keep it long term, that's what I would do. Vinyl is cheap and will get destroyed with a decent hailstorm. 

You can spot repair/replace in the short term, but I'd be looking at hardie for long term.