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I would like to start considering section 8 tenants, but I do not know a lot about what I must do and who is eligible, etc. Please point me to a good one source book or web site that tells me most of what I need to know.

Steve, I have dealt with a lot of Section 8. It's more paperwork and calls from lazy tenants who can't do anything for themselves, but the money is good.

There are many Section 8 offices in our area. If you want to know which ones I like and which ones I avoid, PM me and I will let you know.

Most housing authorities offer 'Owner' workshops/orientations. And, they have an Admin Plan. Usually on their website. Protect yourself and read it.

The counties around me offer landlord orientation training where they teach you about the program and answer all of your questions. I'd recommend attending one of these in the county where your properties are located.

The section 8 Bible has been regarded as a good resource. One thing to keep in mind, is that despite the fact that it's everywhere, it is operated very differently from place to place.
Some offices are great. Some are awful. You'd be best to talk to Rob and see which places are good and which ones to avoid. The experience is like night and day, depending on which office you work with.

And bulletproof your rental. Ceramic tile every room. Halfway up bathroom walls. Take out garage door opener if a house, preferably take out garbage disposal since the word garbage is in it, they take that literal.

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