Hello everyone. I recently bought my first investment property that I'm planning on house hacking; however, I have a dilemma and I would like some feedback from the community. The driveway slopes towards the house as illustrated in the pictures, which direct water towards the foundation resulting in a wet basement. The first company I contacted gave me a bid for drain tile and sump pump which was too expensive, so I rejected the bid. I then researched the topic and found 4 solutions to fix a wet basement: 3 exterior solutions (grading, french drains & foundation waterproofing) and 1 inside solution (interior drain tile). However, a lot of companies are presenting the last resort (interior drain tile) as your first and best option, when in my opinion nothing can be farther from the truth.

I finally contacted several concrete leveling companies about lifting and leveling the driveway to get water away from the house. I know there is no guarantee that this will stop the leak, but it is a cheaper option. I got bids from three out of the four companies. Companies 1 & 2 (Polyurethane Injection) accepted the job, while company 3 (mudjacking) said he can lift the driveway, but the concrete slab must be removed and company 4 (Polyurethane Injection) rejected due to the poured concrete on the driveway. I can really use the help with this decision because one wrong move and boom. What should I do?

Price Range:

Companies 1 & 2 between 1300-1500 (only lift and leveling) more with sealing the joints to get 5 years warranty

Company 3 is 1000

Thanks in advance for any feedback.