Who pays for what? - Carpet

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I recently inherited tenants and they put in a maintenance request for the carpet, the carpet separated between the seams in the living room and has a 2in gap between them (Possibly causing a tripping hazard), it also runs for about 10ft from one end of the room to the other. My question here is who pays for the carpet, I had someone come out and give me a quote for $400 to replace the carpet for the living room (Carpet is not repairable). Will this be considered EXESSIVE wear and tare? Can the tenant be liable for causing this? The tenants have been in the property for 3 years now. 

Any suggestions are always welcomed, thanks!

Hi @Cesar Gonzalez .  This is going to be an opinion item I think.  I would say that it would be normal wear & tear so you would be responsible for it.  However, you could ask them what happened and see if they admit to being rough on it.  

That will probably fall under wear and tear but you could check the walk through form that the seller should have provided to you and see if any carpet issues were noted. If not, ask the tenants what happened to it and see if they fess up. Either way, you are probably on the hook for it. Sorry.