Looking for Management Corpus Christi

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Hey everyone.  I'm looking at investing in Corpus Christi Texas and would love to hear your experiences and possibly get a good property management reference.  Most of the companies have horrible reviews, so I don't know how else to vet them without a reference.  Any areas you would recommend or stay away from?

I'm a soldier who lives in the Fort Hood area, Belton Texas area.


I am a Realtor in Corpus Christi. I can get you in contact with my go-to Property Manager, Bradley. He's a great manager and has helped me solve some issues with my listing could not sell immediately and was able to find a great tenant for said properties. 

Hey same here, active duty, I have 3 soon to be 4 personal properties in the south side of Corpus that I manage myself. I will be looking for a property manager when I transfer out in 2 years. I’ve seen nothing but horrible reviews with the property managers here. I have also heard some first hand stories. I mow lawns as a side hustle and hear about them from the tenants themselves. It’s pretty obvious when you look at the real estate sites (Realtor, Zillow) that that most of them put no effort into it  and ask for bottom dollar rents. I’m actually trying to recruit a friend of mine here to manage my properties when I leave. He is in the real estate game as well. He is a reservist that works at CCAD. His wife is my realtor also. Great people. I’m always open to suggestions. If you guys come up with someone I’d love to help vet them and possibly use them myself.

Darren and Colton thanks for the feedback, I’d love to connect with you guys offline.  I’m looking at a couple multi family properties in the south central region near Oleander park.  Seems like a “cute” area.  I can’t get a hold of the property manager or others.  I have a couple properties in the Fort Hood area, one being a duplex that I let a 3rd part AirBnb company manage one side.  Works out real well, my gross is 2 times the norm and I don’t deal with lower quality tenants which is the duplex norm around here.  I’d like to explore this possibility down there.