Quit claim deed on your own

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I’m trying to file a quit claim deed of a house from my name to my business, which I own Individually.
I use online form. When I type the grantee , my business name, should i write myself as a register agent or an owner?

Also, my current deed does not have a tax parcel number but it has legal description and address. Should I still write tax parcel number and legal description?

I own the company and I am the register agent and my address on title of corporation is a PO box that has an actual address. Should the person signing on behalf of the company be my name, with the PO Box address or my actual resident address?

 Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Chicagoland attorney here.

Sorry but the requirements of a legally acceptable Deed/Quitclaim deed are specific to each State and County in that State.

Perhaps if you tell us the State and County your property is located, someone familiar with those local rules can give you advce.

However, many County Recorder websites will describe exactly what is required to create a legal deed and you can always call the county recorder's office for more information.

Good luck.