Never Ending Eviction Pursuits

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If you've had a tenant over the past year or more that has quit paying you simply because they can, then you understand the frustration of the times. You turn over the eviction process to a seasoned eviction attorney only to find out that their hands are tied behind their backs. The courts are either not open or there is no urgency to free up your rental property. Finally, you get a writ and judgement but your community requires a local sheriff to serve the eviction papers and see them out of the property. Problem is that the sheriffs are not authorized to execute the eviction. 

Given this nightmare, you probably would expect the government to provide some stimulus relief to property owners given the eviction process is broken and shut down. Really? There is not even discussions of relief for property owners. Property owners are invisible to the local, state and federal offices. 

The current administration is in no hurry to evict because it is not politically popular to do so. It would also accelerate the homeless plight within the country. Meantime, property owners, prepare for a long, long process before you can get your property back. When you get the property back from a tenant that has not paid you in a very long time, be prepared for them to damage that property, on purpose. Why? No reason, just the fact that you tried to have them evicted for not paying.

Try this at Walmart. March in and walk out with a large screen TV without paying. When you are stopped at the door, simply tell them that because of the COVIC season, you are not in a position to pay them but you will one day. Is this example absurd? Just saying. Rental property is one of the few situations where not paying is allowed without current consequence. 

Estimates of this eviction process opening up is probably September 2021 or into early 2022. Ugh!

You are just reaping what you’ve sown over  the years. 
true not every landlord is greedy and exploitative monster.  My previous landlord was a great guy and I hate that my neighbors were taking advantage of the protections and not paying him when I made sure we paid on time every month. 
but collectively, landlords have caused so many problems for people and society that no one feels any Sympathy. Buying homes and apartments so they aren’t available for the people living in them to own. Basically indenturing others to pay for your unnecessary additional mortgage and tax obligations, or worse, simply pocketing that money as “investment income.” Then throwing people into the street and ruining their credit and chances of finding new homes if they have an emergency and fall one month behind. 
charging insane fees for everything. Trying to control the behaviors of adults with house rules. Discrimination in various forms. Driving up housing costs, and homelessness, and preventing millions from being able to own their own home. 
and when the pandemic hit and everyone lost work and income, all landlords cared about was when they were getting their money. Most of them are angry they can’t  throw people out during the pandemic, which would have killed an additional 10,000 had it not been for the moratoriums. Landlords have been complaining there’s no aid for landlords but there have been assistance programs in every state. Here in Houston there have been multiple funds set up and landlords often simply refused to accept it. Close to $5 billion was left unused because landlords preferred to kick people on the street than take the aid. 
so yes. No one is really going to cry for you.  Hopefully the legislation gets even stricter on what you can and cannot do to people. 

You anger is misplaced and your logic is broken. The only people who are going to 'pay' are small time landlords, while the corporations and reits will scoop up properties for pennies on the dollar. If you truly had a principled stance on societal problems you wouldn't just punch the people closest to you believing you are righteous. Sorry - you aint. All that will happen is that there will be fewer mom-and-pop landlords and more heartless corporate predators. The former mom-and-pops can join the proles and scrape by at a subsistence level. Maybe you can try to destroy your corner grocery so all thats left is Amazon - good next step on this path.