Rain Gutter Cleaning - Workers Comp Insurance Necessary?

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Hello Everyone,
I'm a new to BP and relatively new to RE investing and currently have an out-of-state SFR rental. I used to live in the house and currently rent it out with the help of a local property manager.

The house needs the rain gutters cleaned at least once a year and I'm cautious to use a vendor that doesn't have appropriate insurance in case they fall off the roof.  The house is on a slant/grade and the gutter cleaning is largely just accessible by being on top of the roof.  On the back side of the house, you would be just over 2 stories down if you fell (there is a walk-out basement). 

Most vendors I have called do not carry Workers Comp insurance.  Am I being to cautious or picky?  It's such a small job, but seems potentially high risk.  (I previously cleaned these gutters with a leaf blower myself when I lived in the property). 


Hi Ryan, I would recommend a simple Premises-only Umbrella Policy of $1 million. This is an inexpensive way to cover any possible injury focused lawsuits. These policies are typically less than $300/annually. On top of that, it would be useful if any tenants get injured and blame you. I always recommend these policies to every single one of my investor Clients. It has saved many people a lot of money and stress!! 

@Ryan Laiola every investor/business owner needs an umbrella. I guess agents overlook writing umbrellas because there is a very small commission.