Listed rent price too low, can I raise it?

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I couldn't find any comps for the rent I was asking. I made it $150 more than the comparable property I have rented right around the corner. That was $1000. I listed it on Zillow and was overwhelmed by the response. I just went to the comp part of my Zillow listing, and it has it as worth $1300 per month. Can I just change my asking price? Even with the people that I've received applications from? 



Hey @John Cantey , I wouldn't change it on the applicants you currently have.  Depending on your local laws, you could tell them it is no longer available (without going into details).  I would take it off the market for a couple of days and relist it at the higher price.  Just know that some of the listing sites will see this as a note that price has gone up by xx% which might turn some people off or you might get questions about it.