Have a property with in law suite

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I have a SFH, zoned SFH, that has an in-law suite that shares a wall with the main house but has no other access. It has its own exterior door and slider. It has a kitchenette with no stove.

I spoke to city previously and I wasn't able to get clear answer. Or at least I did and now Im not so sure anymore.

It has no stove, it's not an accessory dwelling unit. How can I get different renters in there?

My guess is that means you can rent to a boarder.

Try furnishing it and renting to a travel nurse. There are a bunch of travel nurse housing groups on Facebook, and you can find a person there who will be happy to rent a room at a reasonable price. They will likely need access to the main house for laundry and maybe more cooking occasionally. Put in some nice furnishings, a good bed, access to your internet, and make a new friend!

@Mikel Kaubfa do you live in the property yourself? If you do, you may be able to do an Airbnb based on your areas/counties laws regarding this. 
if the house is rented to a tenant, then you can not rent out the attached unit unless you get your property rezoned 

The good news is that states are really looking at these adu, garage Apts etc... as great ways to use for affordable housing options. But getting some people to change property and old zoning is going to be tough