Landscaping for rental property

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I have a rental property in Leander Texas and the tenant wanted me to take care of lawn maintenance. I am in Washington. I had given contract to a leander based company for some zeroscaping and new sods etc and they had promised to take care of monthly maintenance and invoice me. Now its tough to track them and they change their commitments. The HOA sends notices about some weeds etc. Tenant is not very happy with the weeds etc as well. I am planning on switching the service to some other company and infact give regular mowing contract to someone and weed control and fertilization contract to someone else. Let me know if you have any cost-effective suggestions for me or any reference company who can help ? Thanks in advance. This has become a pain to manage remotely. But I can understand this might be tiniest problem you seasoned landlords might be facing :) . I just have my first rental property for now :). Thanks in advance.

I require tenants to handle something this basic, unless there's a very valid reason why they can't (elderly, handicapped) or they are paying a premium to cover the service. It literally takes 5-10 minutes a week to pull weeds and keep them under control. Why can't they take pride in their residence and community?

They did pay slightly higher rent and were very specific that I take care of the lawn maintenance. Learning for next rental contract. But this one I would not blame them. At least they were clear about it from start. 

Red Barn Garden Center or Farmer's Nursery have a board where gardeners post their business card. I would find someone to do a one time cleanup before the Homeowner Association either fines you or does it an charges you 3 times the amount. I would not fertilize. Zero scaping costs money too, and the HOA might want to approve your design and since you already got notice from them, don't poke the bear. Call the HOA and ask for a recommendation (makes you sound reasonable and willing to resolve the problem)

I wouldn’t be fertilizing that will just make the grass and weeds grow faster.  For me the benefit of a sfh is how hands off it is.  I don’t handle yard work or snow removal but have plenty of prospective tenants ask.  Instead of hiring it out next time just give a recommendation of a local lawn service.  They can pay directly and are responsible to ensure it is done.  Make sure this slightly higher rent covers your costs as lawn service can be expensive and you may need to do a larger increase upon renewal to make sure it isn’t coming out of your pocket.