What are the rules regarding shared walls?

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I am trying to figure out what to paint in my property, which has some shared walls made of stucco.

I have a front courtyard delimited by a dividing wall with one neighbor (to the right) and a combination of a dividing wall and a house wall with the other neighbor (to the left). That house wall is that other neighbor's wall. Can I paint that wall? The HOA wrote:

"Anything that needs to be painted from your side of the property, would be for you to paint. We cannot ask you to trespass onto a neighbor’s property, nor can they be asked to trespass onto yours in order to do any work."

That makes sense because he would not be able to paint that wall without trespassing onto my property. On the other hand, it is his wall, so I could potentially damage it. What is normally done in these cases?


Let's get your CRR's out and read them. 

Zero lot lines normally and customarily allow you temporary access to the other side wall in the event of flood, fire, improvements to maintain. 

What will the house look like from the curb if yours is purple and his/her side is chartreuse? 

Have you talked with the neighbor? Park of living in condo or pud with zero lot line is getting along with neighbors and staying away from the guy in the HOA who carries a clip board and was hated in High School, but now has a little power.

Yes, I have read the CC&Rs and it seems that we should actually share proportionally the cost to maintain it according to "use," although I am not sure how "use" is defined--I look at the wall; he uses the interior of it (on the other side... This is the exact phrasing of the code: "Sharing of Repair and Maintenance. The cost of reasonable repair and maintenance of
a Party Wall shall be shared by the Owners who make use of the Party Wall in equal proportion to such use."