Property Management Companies in Central Florida

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I'm looking at closing on my first property in Central Florida, and don't know much about management companies out here. I'm looking at a home that's currently being used as a vacation rental, and am not sure which companies might be good for property management or if short-term rental or long-term rental might make more sense. 


- The house currently has "executive villas florida". How are they? Do you have any insights on them? 
- What are the best property management companies, short-term and/or long-term, in Central Florida? 
- Is short-term or long-term a better way to go? The house is furnished, near the "Providence" community in Davenport
- What questions should I be sure to ask/information should I get from property management companies to ensure they're a good one to pick? 


@Dave Kay I could suggest companies for Long Term or for short term. I don't know a company that is great a both. They may be out there but I don't know them. If you would like information for a long-term property manager and a short-term property manager then send me a DM and I can help you connect with them.