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-does a condo require inspection? or an outside inspection like structure etc.

-doesnt the association take care of structure and the owner owns the inside of the walls? What about termite inspection? Does the owner do it or the association?

-does a lender require a home inspection?

get the best home inspector you can find. Ask top producing agents who they use as they have to refer clients to them all of the time. Get current information because some were good 5 years ago but not now. Some won't go on your roof, for example.

The one I use was an appraiser. He has two more inspectors and they operate as a team. Your report is emailed to you within a matter of hours with photos of the areas you need. In my town there is a time crunch from contract signing because the good home inspectors are booked. Make the appointmnent the first call you make when you sign a contract so that you have time to go over the report and decide what you're going to ask for.

Good luck.

Originally posted by Vik Ari:
Hi all,

What are the typical home inspection costs am I look at for a 2 bed condo?What are the things are I should ask when selecting an inspector?


When looking for a home inspection, You should
ask certain questions.
The first question you need to ask is to look at the home inspector’s license.
The second question you need to ask who the home inspector is working for.
You also should check to see if the inspector has the experience he claims to have.