Tenants having electrical problems?

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My tenant emailed this problem with my rental property. Has anyone experienced a problem like this before? Does it sound like a problem with the circuit breakers?

"...I don’t know if there is an electrical problem or what, but we have had a lot of issues since we moved in. The problem with the refrigerator is that the ice maker inside is shorted out, and where the ground wire is on the frig; it is all black around it, like the electricity arched. The frig is fine though, other than that, I am just worried about a fire. Many of the wall sockets don’t work at all, and some are also “stretched out” where plugs wont stay in them…I have never seen that before. In the master bedroom, I plugged a lamp into one of the sockets and it flickered for about an hour, then popped and went out. I put in a new bulb and it doesn’t work, I think something shorted out the lamp and it is dead. Finally, our cordless phone worked the first week it was in, but now doesn’t work at all, it is completely dead. We did not have all these problems with the stuff before, so I think the wiring needs to be checked, and the outlets need replacing on some..."

Find an electrician and schedule a time for you and electrician to go to the property and check out all of the tenant's concerns.

Change outlets and breakers as necessary.

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