Showing an occupied Unit: tenant wants to be there; I don’t!

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Hi, I have a tenant who has given a 30-day notice.  We were not a great fit; it’s not horrible, but I’m glad she’s decided to leave.  She wants to be present when I show the Unit to prospective new tenants, which I think is incredibly awkward, and just wrong.  What would you say to encourage her to please make herself scarce during showings?  I don’t 100% understand her reasons for wanting to be there; when I have had repair people in (at her request) I of course assured her that COVID precautions were being taken and no-one would touch “her stuff”. Ideas to encourage her NOT to be present?  Thanks. 

I can fully understand her reasons for wanting to be there. Do you want strangers walking through your home when you're not there. You may take care that no one touches her stuff, but I can assure you that the level of care you take will be less than the level of care she will take. 

I've shown occupied units both with and without the current tenants there. It can be a little awkward if the tenant is there or if the place isn't in perfect condition, but my feeling is that its more important to get the unit re-rented ASAP than to make everyone feel 100% comfortable. At $75-$100 a day for rent, I'll deal with awkward. 

Funny story, due to one prospective tenant showing up early and another showing up late, I had to ask one of them to wait a few minutes in the unit. My current tenant living in that unit ended up showing them the unit and the complex. They ended up renting the unit. 

It is not unusual that a current tenant would want to be there when you are showing it to prospective applicants.   If she insists then it is up to the both of you to be professional and neutral during the process.

You can always consider offering a "cash for keys" deal if you need the unit rented quickly and you feel showing it with her there would not be a good solution.


I wouldn't want strangers walking through my place either. Why don't you just wait and get it fixed up before re-renting? You'll get a lot more money I would think. Slow down....relax....

Frankly, I find is 100% odd that you don't 100% understand her reasons for wanting to be there.  I get you may disagree or not care about her reasons but not understand?  

If this is awkward because you are afraid she is going to say something negative then you are best to just wait until she leaves to do showings.  Or have two or three people on your side present for all showings.  One to occupy her and talk to her and one to walk around with the prospective tenant to be sure they don't mess with her things or the home.