Holiday Cards for Tenants

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@Isaac Sanchez We have not, mostly because we've not quite gotten ourselves organized like that yet.

@Mason Hickman Our two cents here, but maybe you didn't realize that you were lamenting having to send holiday card to a tenant who stayed with you for 50 years.  If we had a tenant stay with us for half that time, we'd probably be sending them much more than a holiday card for all the money they made us. :)

I walked into a large real estate owners office once right before thanksgiving.. this guy owned about 200 SFR's in Portland value then probably 150k a door this was mid 90s today easy 350 to 400k a door.. And his office was stacked to the ceiling with box's of Turkey's he gave tenants a Turkey at thanksgiving and a Ham at Christmas !!!

I was there to buy a 40 acre timber tract from him.. he was in his late 80s and pretty shrewd dude.. I got it done but it was not easy..  He owned a few other timber tracts that were worth Millions I could never get him to cut loose with those try as I might.