Phoenix Fix and Flip Meetup – Hosted by ReZamp

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Fix and Flip Meetup – Hosted by ReZamp

When: April 12th, 2014

Time: 1 to 3 PM

Where: ReZamp Headquarters– 8111 E. Indian Bend Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Who: Newbies to Experienced Investors are invited

Topic: Finding Fix and Flip Deals on the MLS

General discussion will include:

    ·How to find deals/properties on the MLS

    ·How to comp to determine the best value for a property

    ·Tactics and strategies for getting your offer accepted

    ·Freebies: Investment Calculator, Remodel Budget Sheet, and Email Offer Template

Please RSVP so we can plan snacks and refreshments accordingly. RSVP Form

Hey @Justin S. , Thanks for putting this together...

It would be great to meet Buy and Hold Investors along with other Fix and Flip investors as well... I will be marking this in the Calendar for sure.

See you all there


@Ryan Becerra

Yes, we can add a buy and hold discussion as well.

Please be sure to use the RSVP form so I can add you to the list with the others.



Here is the agenda for the fix and flip meet up. Only a few people have responded so far. If we don't get a few more, then we will likely postpone to a better time.

1:00 - 1:10 - Introductions

1:10 – 1:35 – What makes a good flip property

1:35 – 1:45 – Analyzing the deal

1:30 – 2:00 – Managing the Project

2:00 – 2:30 – Materials, Lenders, Contractors

2:30 – 3:00 – Buying off the MLS

If you are interested, please register on our Wufoo form - LINK


We need a few more signups otherwise we will postpone until after Easter. Where are all the phoenix investors? Do we need to offer free beer too?

Just registered, have you had any more interest?



Hi @William Petrisko thanks for registering.

I have two firm commitments from BP Members

I have two non-firm commitments from BP Members

I have one firm commitments from a non-BP Member.

If the two non-firm guys commit tomorrow, then we will host the meetup. Five is a good size to start with and should make for a good meetup.

Hi Justin,

I will be there, I am registering now.

I'll be there and looking forward to it (although I believe I'm already a confirmed). I'll also be impressed if you can stick to that agenda, seems like a lot of material. Careful planning...sign of a good flipper, I guess!

Phoenix metro investors should be jumping on this meetup opportunity. Wish I could attend. I have a few SFRs in Phoenix, but an out of state investor (in CA). Have a great meetup guys.

Thanks for organizing this, and in most cases I would jump on it. I am already trying to figure out how to be two or three places at once that afternoon though.

Just responding to let you know my not going is certainly not from lack of interest.

@Thai Foo

@Geoff V.

Thanks for the comments, perhaps next you guys can make and we can put it on the web.

@Mike Dmuchoski

@Albert Hasson

We will see you there. Thanks for registering!

Anyone else?

The meeting is on! We will see everyone tomorrow at 1.

Thanks for everyone who signed up.

Thanks to Justin, Brandon and Alan for a fun and informative meeting!

I would recommend any future meetups with these guys, they are a great bunch of people.


Hi Guys... sorry I missed this meeting. I just got caught up on the Bigger Pockets threads and ran across this today. I would love to meet up and chat with everyone on the next meeting. Keep me informed.



Don't know how I missed this as I have phoenix on keyword alert! I will try and make it next time if my work schedule permits.

@Jody Dents and @Will Samsky

Sorry we missed you guys. We plan to hold another one next month. I'm also presenting at the Fix and Flip meeting hosted by Bob Gomez on Wednesday April 30th. PM if you want more info.



@Jody Dents

@Will Samsky

We will schedule another Fix and Flip meeting on either May 17th or May 31st. Please let me know if any of those dates work. It will be from Noon to 3 PM. We will provide lunch and drinks.

If anyone else is interested please respond as well! Thanks.

@Justin S. I will check my work schedule tomorrow night and let you know. The 17th I should be off but need to make sure.

I could make it for part of the meeting on the 17th and I don't have my schedule for the 31st yet.

@Justin S.  ,

Any plans for more meetings in near future? I am a new RE salesperson licensee and would be interested in a "Buy and Hold Investors" session where we can discuss analyzing the deals based on rental returns etc. I clicked on the link in one of the previous posts but that is a sign up for a meeting in May. 

@Manny B.  There is a BP webinar next Wednesday hosted by @Brandon Turner on finding and analyzing rental properties.  That might be helpful for you to attend. 

Thanks @Mike Dmuchoski   , I'll try to look it up. Do you have a direct link where I can get more information about it? 

EDIT : Found the link and signed up. Thanks again.

@Manny B.  - We have no plans to host another meetup probably until fall.  We've been focusing on launching in other markets right now.  You are welcome to contact me directly about any question you have though.  My email is in my profile.


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