Longview, TX. Meetup

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  • 08/30/14 11:00AM
  • Holiday Inn Express - Longview, Tx
  • Free

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Reminder to come to our first event here in Longview. All are invited. If you do plan on coming, please let us know so we have a good expected head count.

@Wes Brumit  Hey Wes, have this on Calender correctly now, 30th. Do You need any assistance with logistics and preparation?   Tom 

Where's it at again?

hey @Mike M.  I have it between 11:am and 2:00pm at the Holiday Inn on Tuttle behind Papacitas.  This all being in Longview Texas.  Look forward to seeing you.  Ps. I wanted to stop by your home but contractor partner had no time so I did not bother you.  Take Care 

@Mike M.   @Tom Keith @Cynthia Long  

Reminder Saturday is our scheduled meeting beginning at 11:00am at the Holiday Inn Express in Longview. I'd like to get a head count of who is coming. Please let me know if you and/or someone you know will be there.

i will be there  trying to get word out for you  

Hey guys, is this meet up still active? New to bigger pockets but I'm an agent here in town and looking to meet up and work/learn with other local investors.

@Alicia Yoder Hello Alicia, no this Isis not.  There is one meeting and I have met some nice people there.  Look it up on Meet-Up or PM me for info.   Tom 

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