Santa Cruz Meetup - August 29th @ 7:30pm

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  • 08/29/14 08:00PM
  • Michaels on Main
  • Free

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Hey South Bay and Monterey Bay investors! It has been a while since we all hung out. We discussed reviving the meetup in the original thread ( and I figured, for the sake of clarity, we should make it less confusing and setup a meetup specific thread.

Santa Cruz Meetup

When: August 29th, 7:30pm

Where: Michaels on Main

2591 S Main St, Soquel, CA 95073

We'll be on the back patio.  Just like meetups in San Jose, Oakland and San Francisco it's all about networking. No Upsells, no pitching, just good 'ol conversations.

Keywords: Santa Cruz, Capitola, Soquel, Watsonville, Live Oak, Aptos, Monterey, Seaside, Gilroy, Salinas, Carmel, Oakland, San Jose, Cupertino, Los Gatos, East Bay, South Bay, Penninsula, Meetup

@Shane Pearlman  ,

Way to put it together!

I'll probably be in Philly still, and will be holding a meetup while I'm out there on business. But hopefully @Troy Fisher  , @Helen , and some other folks down there can make it. Have fun!

*** NOTE: The start time has been moved to 7:30pm. ***

Can't seem to change the start time in the original entry.

Hi were fairly new to the Site and looking to meet with some potential Investors locally. We hope it is ok if we stop by the Meet Up in Santa Cruz ? 

Were still navigating the site and hope to learn a lot and just get a lot of positive energy here. I read some of the Forums and it seems like this is the place to be !

Great job hope to see you all soon !

Marcie / Stefan 

Hi Shane

I will come.  Husband may come if he can get out of work.

Thank you for org this event.


Let's do this thing, guys!  I'll be there.  Ready to talk shop, and share some of my experience driving for dollars out in Stockton.

Wish I could make it. Hopefully the next one!

Hey Guys!  I'm super bummed, I made a mistake and won't be able to make the meet up tomorrow.  Let's keep it going!  I will try and make the next one for sure!

Dammit, I was hoping to hear how your business was going down south Kenny!  Next time I'm down south for work in Monterey we should get together for lunch,

I will be there and look forward to meeting everyone!!

Thanks @Shane Pearlman  for putting this meet up together!

I look forward to meeting everyone tomorrow night! I'll be there before 7:30 to get us a table out on the back deck and will put up a folder paper with "Bigger Pockets" on the table.

I'll be trucking out of the Modesto Area around 4pm which if traffic isn't horrible (3day weekend driving to the coast.... riiiight) I should be there by 6.  If not 7:30 sounds more reasonable.

Dang! just noticed this event page. 

@Shane Pearlman  could you keep me posted regarding future SC events? I love having excuses to drive over the hill, especially to meet with like minded investors lol 

Thanks for organizing! Let me know if you need help promoting it. 

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