OCTOBER MEETING (South Austin Coffee Talk)

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  • 10/08/14 10:00AM
  • 1107 S. 8th. St., Austin, TX, 78704
  • Free

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GREAT NEWS!! Scott has agreed to continue sharing his knowledge about “Buy and Hold” strategy. This strategy and subject for this months (South Austin Coffee Talk) is an important part of most real estate investors wealth building plan. Scott Southerland will be our speaker and brings a wealth of knowledge about the subject to the table. How do you decide whether a property makes sense as a rental? Having a method of evaluating the prospect, in a proven way, is a good place to start. Our October meeting will be Wednesday, October 8, 2014, at 10:00 am. Lynn's office is at 1107 S. 8th. St., Austin, TX, 78704. See you in the conference room.

Come on down to South Austin, the meeting is open to all.

Many thanks to Lynn for hosting our meeting.

Thanks James.

I plan to focus on Vacation Rentals in this month's meeting.

Items we'll cover:

- How to select a property for vacation rental (aka short term rental use)

- How to maximize your rental income

- What your customers expect from your short term rental

- How to streamline the process to make it run as hands off as possible

- City Of Austin regulations related to STR

- Financial performance of our personal holdings

Look forward to seeing everyone there.

This sounds awesome, i'll be there

Many thanks to Scott for an excellent discussion on short term rentals.

The subject for our November meeting will be a round table discussion on contracting builds.  I expect that we will hear about both successes and war stories.  The plan is to leave smarter about how to manage our projects.

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