Roanoke Area Real Estate Meetup

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  • 09/23/15 07:00PM
  • Grandin CoLab 1327 Grandin Rd SW, Roanoke, VA 24015
  • Free

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Hi everyone!

The newly formed Roanoke Real Estate Master Mind Group will be meeting next Wednesday, 9/23/15, at 7:00pm.  Please join us at the Grandin CoLab for roundtable discussion, tips and tricks, and all things real estate related.  We'll also be discussing our strategy for adding a specific educational component to our upcoming meetings, so please be thinking ahead.

And please bring a guest!

Just a reminder, this Wednesday in Roanoke, VA..

Matt Clark is this something that 2 total newbies (my fiancée and I) are welcome to go to? Only just started researching investing in real estate and looking to learn as much as possible. Since we don't have much to offer I wasn't sure if it was something for us or not? No hard feelings either way ;)

hi @Matt Clark

Some more topics we could discuss at our meetings are ways to find private lenders,what banks are looking for to qualify you for a loan,ways to improve your credit score,books that we read to learn this business

Also can you tell me again exactly what the Facebook page is called 


I definitely would like to be made aware of the next meeting

Hi Matt

I just requested to join your group. Montvale is home for me but I live and invest in CA. I have flown back home and have given classes at the other rei with Dallas twice. That was a big club with over 400 members of which 60+ showed for the lease option training I gave. If I plan a trip back home to see mom and you would like me to be the speaker for the night let me know and I can see how it works out.. Keith Boley

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