Utah Investor Meetup

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Don't miss the 2nd Utah Investor Meetup this Thursday, January 7th at 6:30 pm!  It will be held at the Huddle in Cottonwood Heights (Ft Union Blvd and about 2400 E.).  There is no charge and all investors are welcome.  There will be no pitching or sales of any kind.  This is all about networking with fellow investors.  Last month's event was a big hit!  Hope to see you there!  

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather last night and showed up for the 2nd Investor Meetup in Utah! We had over 40 investors networking and sharing their knowledge and experience with one another. Hope everyone really enjoyed themselves and was able to get something useful out of it! Please give me your feedback and let everyone on BP know that they need to get to the next event! By the way, the events will be the first Thursday of every month! See you at the next one!

Great meetup really fun atmosphere as well! I was able to meet several new people and learn from their experience and also potentially work deals with them down the road. Also got some great knowledge form the legend himself @Jeff Rappaport Thank you for putting things together. 

@Jack Aduwo , the meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday of the month.  I belive it will be the 4th of February.  You will have a notice on BP and I will send you an email reminder.