Sacramento, CA: Doubling your Money with Discounted Notes

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Saturday, May 21st 2016


Double Tree Hotel

2001 Point W Way, Sacramento, CA 95815

$39 (for Sacramento Capital City Wealth Builders members), $79 (for non-members)

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In the wake of everything that’s happened in our country over the past few years, we’re entering a “new” economy. What worked in the past in Real Estate investing isn’t working today. It’s CLEAR that the timing couldn’t be better for creating quick cash and building a long term business with discounted notes investing (all in your spare time).

Joe Varnadore from NoteSchool have been in the business of buying & selling discounted notes for over 20 years and have closed over 10,000 notes!

There are approximately 300,000 REOs (bank owned properties) on the market today. Sound like a lot? It’s not really, when you consider that number is nationwide.

Meanwhile, the banks have quietly packaged up 9,000,000 defaulted loans (notes) and sold them to the hedge funds.

Most investors don’t know it, but you can get your hands on these notes and profit handsomely – without ‘tenants or toilets’.

Notes are true passive income.

And, which would you rather go after…

  • 300,000 bank owned properties that every other investor is competing for?
  • 9,000,000 defaulted loans your competition doesn’t even know exists?

I think the choice is clear.

And that’s not to mention the other side of the coin – seller financed fully performing notes.

The opportunity is absolutely massive… and Joe Varnadore’s ready to reveal all of the secrets he’s learned working with Eddie Speed who has spent over 30 years in the biz.

In the 1-Day You Will Discover…

  • How to create multiple streams of passive cash flow that fuel your lifestyle all through retirement (I’m not talking about being a landlord… this true ‘set it and forget it’ income).
  • Why great REO deals are getting harder and harder to find (making it tougher and tougher to find good investments in your area).
  • Why Wall Street has muscled in on your action (and how even the little guy can work with them to land incredible property deals).
  • A sneaky back-door method to buy properties in your area at just 20% - 50% of today’s fair market value (I’m not talking about blighted or deserted properties… these are good homes in good areas).
  • A simple investing twist that takes you out of the ‘tenants and toilets’ game for good (and no, I’m not talking about hiring property managers).
  • Why right now is the absolute best time to get involved with real estate-backed notes (position yourself just in front of this profit tsunami and ride this wave for years to come)
  • How to start and grow a real estate empire using just $100 out of your self-directed IRA (and grow that empire completely tax-free).
  • A completely innovative way to sell a home so that you enjoy cash flow payments for years - even though you actually got paid to buy the home (no – I’m not talking about lease-options or any other strategy you’ve likely heard of).

You’ll also Learn how to get your Free Video Training!

Whether you’re new to the Note business or want to learn more about how we’re investing in notes the current market, this 5-video series is a good place to start. Here’s what the training includes:

  • Module 1: Note Investing 101
  • Module 2: The 4 Steps to Note Investing Success
  • Module 3: How To Price Deals
  • Module 4: Where To Find The Money
  • Module 5: How Deals Close. How You Profit.

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At the 1-Day you can pick up the following courses (or both) at a steeply discounted price:

Big Money from Bad Debts®

The best 3-day class available on buying bank owned distressed assets. You receive 2 tickets to the most advanced live training event in the note industry. This course alone is valued at $1,997, but as a special 1-Day training class you get this course for only $797! (Plus your 1-Day admission will be credited towards the course!)

Spend time in the classroom training with this 30-year plus veteran learning:

  • •How to price bad loans by using actual case studies
  • •Why the mortgage meltdown is in your favor
  • •How to find these notes for pennies on the dollar
  • •How build your own portfolio starting with only $100
  • •Technical and legal aspects of distressed debt (due diligence, documentation, etc.)
  • •Learn, hands-on, by dissecting actual deals in class

Plus! You’ll get a huge bonus of over 20 hours of on-demand online training. These virtual classroom courses are filled with NoteSchool’s most advanced training strategies. If you were to buy this on-demand online training alone, you would spend over $1500, but they are throwing it in with everything else just for signing up today!

As Joe showed us, your first transaction can easily pay for the entire course. For example, imagine owning the residual interest in a $100,000 note for only $100. The income for many years in the future could incredible income in your pocket! Or tax free retirement account.

And the Second Live Training Will Take Your Business to the Next Level FAST!

Rich Rewards In Real Estate Notes®

The best 3-day seller finance note training class available today. You receive 2 tickets to the most advanced, live training event in the note industry. Any other day this course is valued at $2,000, but as a special 1-Day training class you get this course for only $797! (Plus your 1-Day admission will be credited towards the course!)

This intense, three-day workshop will teach you the most advanced techniques, tools, and tips in the industry, so that you can turn prospects into customers. Discover insider secrets you’ll learn nowhere else. This class is the FAST TRACK for any investor who wants to close a deal fast without any of their own money. If you’re interested in making money from seller financing, then you need to sign up for this class.

At the Rich Rewards in Real Estate Notes® class:

You’ll spend time with Eddie Speed, founder of NoteSchool while he teaches from real case studies and you view the accompanying images. Spend time in the classroom training with this 30-year plus veteran in the note business learning:

  • •What seller financing is
  • •Why seller financing is becoming the answer to the mortgage meltdown
  • •How to find, buy, and sell quality notes
  • •How to invest in notes for your own portfolio
  • •The profit potential for the seller-finance professional
  • •The technical aspects of seller financing (underwriting, documentation, etc.)

Plus, Special Bonuses:

  • An introduction to the seller-financed business
  • The history of seller financing
  • Direct-mail marketing
  • Reverse-Ad marketing
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Negotiation questions and answers
  • Rich Rewards on-demand online home study course: Rich Rewards provides training with more in-depth information into the business and opportunities of seller financing. Study components include the textbook and training sessions, which cover:

Sample Documents You’ll receive access of 44 sample documents on downloadable word docs that are invaluable for seller-financed transactions. They’ll help you conduct your business smoothly and efficiently.

You can get either course separately, but if you’re really serious about taking your business and your life to the next level… You Can Get Both Courses at an additional discount for Only $1,297!

The value of all of these courses and all the live trainings that is inlcuded is well over $10,000, but when you sign up today for both, it is ALL YOURS for only $1,297!

This isn’t some “fly by night” investing gimmick; it’s a true strategy that has been proven by NoteSchool over the past 30 years. I know I’ll be jumping on this opportunity!

Each course includes 2 tickets! When you sign up for both courses you and your spouse/business partner can attend BOTH live classes, plus get BOTH bonus packages for each course!

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Originally posted by @Jay Hinrichs :

good luck with this.. a lot of what your talking about is old news !   

 Jay - There was no promise of new fangled "techniques" but there are some things that have happened recently in the mortgage markets that have allowed greater opportunities in discounted notes. The speaker has been doing discounted notes for over 30 years and was able to talk about the differences now as opposed to when he got started. I did find the class very useful and learned things I did not know before. Even though his name sounds flashy, Eddie Speed is very down to earth and was very open with the questions that he was asked about his company and the training he offers.

Originally posted by @Dan Rosenberger :

How did the event turn out?  How much of the one day paid event was substance, and how much was a pitch for the "more advanced" training?

 Dan - The event turned out very good. Eddie Speed did talk about his 3-day events, but there was plenty of information to get someone started. As far as "training costs" I felt the day long events and even the 3-days he offers were very reasonably priced for the information received. I have signed up to go to the 3-day courses that he offers and look forward to them. For the skills necessary to move a discounted note strategy forward, newbies should be more careful. The field is best for people who already have experience with flipping, wholesaling or marketing properties. I do private lending for flippers and was able to pick up the concepts of the course easily. Some of the techniques used in this strategy make the money I create through my lending look like child's play and marginal. I look forward to adding his training to my arsenal.

@Jay Hinrichs You're right, there are tons of threads on Eddie, most are positive which is why our local club brought him to our city. We had many investors interested in this subject and Eddie delivered. There are a couple local guys who have done well with their note businesses. Both started after taking one of Eddie's courses.

When is the three day event?  It would be good to know your impressions after it is over.  And hopefully there is not a pitch for even more super advanced training and/or joining something that has a monthly fee whether or not it produces results.  There seems to be a pattern where a person goes to a free or inexpensive event, then pays for a training that includes a sales pitch for more training.  Several "trainers" seem to have adopted that model.  So it would be good to hear your report, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Hi @Dan Rosenberger  the most recent one was in San Francisco this past weekend. I came away with some new ideas, approaches and possibly a new direction for my business. I do now know that I will be adding owner-occupied notes to my strategies and received a lot of resources to get that started during the 3 day event. I did not sign up for anything additional at this point.

I haven't been to any educational event where there is not some other advanced training available or at least some marketing for a professional service of some sort. This was was no different, but there was no sales pressure. He spent about a total of an hour and a half on Saturday talking about the advanced mentoring and that was it.  Considering that each day ran from 9am-6pm, it was pretty minimal. 

There was no pressure to sign up "today!", they basically have open enrollment and do sell notes to the general public. It was very relaxed training and they were open to questions. 

They have a service of selling notes and there is advanced training/coaching. They were very open about the structure and what was offered.