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Is it important to arrive right on time or is this type of event a bit more casual? I would love to attend, but I would not be able to arrive at 6.

Hi @Gwen Fyfe . It is a pretty casual meetup. We often stay until around 10. If you cannot show up until after 6, that is no problem.

I think I'll stop in. I have questions about getting started up and all. Plus I think it's cool to meet the community of investors in Cleveland. 

I will be there. 

Bring or tag anyone that you think would benefit from hanging out for a bit and talking about real estate. A group setting can sometimes be more helpful than hours of reading online.  

The more people that we remind the better, so I will shamelessly plug people's keyword alerts Cleveland, Akron, Parma, Lakewood, Brecksville, Cuyahoga Falls.

Thursday 6/30 in Middleburg Heights, details above.

@Aaron Westerburg

@Tony R. Yagiela Heads up. 

Where is it going to be? I don't see the location and I'd love to attend.

I would absolutely love to attend, however I have prior family engagements tonight. I am looking forward to next months meetup!

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