“Creative Rehab Funding, Part 2 – No Strings Attached”

-TUESDAY, July 12th, 2016 @ 7 pm, Pensacola Bay Center –

The greatest challenge that most beginning (and experienced) investors face after FINDING a great renovation project is how they are going to FUND their new investment opportunity. In the same way that FIRST TIME homebuyers typically need some down payment and closing cost assistance, those pursuing their first renovation property many times do not have the necessary capital to make the deal happen on their own. That's where the world of CREATIVE REAL ESTATE INVESTING techniques and strategies come into play, and can help even the most neophyte investor get that first deal under their belt, and on their way to great success in the business.

At this month’s PIG meeting, Matt Robinson (PIG Founder and Head Instructor) will be sharing some of his most effective (& profitable) secrets on how to find MASSIVE amounts of available money to fund not only your purchase of a fix & flip property, but many times the complete renovation costs as well…all while not being personally liable for a single dime! This is another one of those “can’t miss” meetings, so make sure you join us LIVE for this incredible educational event!

Grab your smart phone and mark your calendars for TUESDAY, JULY 12th at 7 PM (Registration and networking at 6:30 PM) in Pensacola at the Pensacola Bay Center.

This meeting is free for all 1st time visitors and members, so INVITE A FRIEND, and come join us! Directions & Map Available at the Links Below:

Map to Pensacola Meeting Facility