Chicago South (and suburbs) Investor Meetup 11/15

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Let's connect, network and find ways to solve problems and do more deals! If people want to bring specific deals, or questions for the group that may be fun and helpful. We can get stories, lessons and perspective from each other before breaking into networking.

These meetings are designed to be 100% networking. We will have short introductions and are looking for new and experienced people from every part of the real estate investing business.

You can join the group on meetup here.

See you there!


Hope to see some new BP'ers this Tuesday!

I'm looking forward to it Jeff! Do we have tables reserved under your name to ask for when we arrive?

Hey @Jeremy Mack! I have one of the private rooms reserved. You can use my name or ask for the real estate Meetup. 

See you later!

Perfect. Thanks for the info @Jeff Valentino

It was a pleasure meeting all of you last night. Hope to see you again soon!

Thanks for coming out @Jeremy Mack! Sorry we didn't get a chance to chat more-hope we can soon.


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