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Join us on a Property Krawl!

We'll be going to 3-4 properties, discussing real life situations and providing real life numbers on each of the properties! Some will be off market properties and some listed on MLS. We have a License Builder who will guide us through repairs and cost. We sometimes have other investors who are also Property Manager and Loan Officer join us and share their expertise with us.

Join us and lets start looking at some properties. 

Saturday December 17, 8am for networking and breakfast at Theo & Stacy's Portage Rd. Then off to the first property by 9 am!!!

#PropertyKrawl Check out our FB page and some of what happened last Krawl

Contact me if you want more information. Hope to see you there. 

Looking forward to it! Just added to my calendar!

Definitely going to try to make it!  Thanks!

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