Meet up in Paris France 03/12/2016

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Hello fellow Parisian investors... If your interested in talking US real estate with myself and my wife we are both 25 plus year veterans in the business in the United States and versed in Many markets.

we are also quite active in the turnkey space and in Florida Real Estate.

We are willing to host a coffee meet-up Sat. morning at our hotel ( which has a great social area)

Hilton Opera Hotel... 108 Rue St. Lazare....

Its a last minute idea my wife and I had.. but we would be happy to spend a few hours with local Parisian investors who maybe interested to learn first hand about the USA market..

if you want to contact me and let me know this is something you would like to do..

I will buy the coffee and pastry's for those that show up.


Jay and Lori Hinrichs. 

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