North canton meet up

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  • 10/25/17 07:00PM
  • 4695 Dressler nw canton ohio 44718
  • Free

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   We are meeting up again this week. 7pm at Li Asian cousine. 4695 Dressler nw canton ohio 44708.

  We have a private room for the group.  It's quiet enough that we can have group conversations.  We have plenty of seating left.  The room was about half full last week with 17 people. When  we outgrow this room, we will find another!

   The group is growing and diverse with lots of different levels of experience in investing. We welcome anyone who wants to learn more.  I know I learn every week. 

   If you need any more info my number is 3303543856. Or hit me up on here. 

                              Thank you 

Which days is it, and is this a BiggerPockets meetup or an ACREIA meetup?

sorry it's Wednesday. It's not affiliated officially with anything. We have members of screia, acreia, and bigger pockets that attend I also placed  ads on Craigslist last week and got someone to show from that as well. 

   If you have had a chance to make it to the Wednesday or Thursday reia breakfasts this is similar.  The worst part of having a job to me, is missing the breakfasts. It's been growing, deals have started to happen. I am biased but I highly recommend it!!

Thanks for the updates. I should be able to make it this week and I am looking forward to it.

sounds great Charley Thompson!! It's a great group!

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