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From: Melanie McDaniel (Organizer)

Hello everyone! Just a reminder that we have our next networking event next Saturday, November 4th! It will be at 10:00 but location is TBD. I will find a property currently on the market, and local investor Karen Downs is going to walk us through how she estimates rehab costs for wholesaling. She has local knowledge of materials/labor costs, what the inspectors are sticky on, and she is going to share the form she uses to capture all the data. I will announce the location Friday! It should be in Ocean View or close by. Look in the most recent even thread for the location, or write me here to get the address. See you there, wherever it may be!

http://melaniemcdanielrealtor.com | VA Agent # 0225230400

The address for Saturday, November 4th is 726 Marvin Ave. If for some reason the property goes under contract by Saturday, the backup property is 1319 Sunset Dr. Plan on 726 Marvin at 10:00. Bring a pen, calculator, something hard to write on, and something to drink if you will require it. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear. See you there!



I am just learning of this event. Are you able to confirm if there will be similar events like this in the near future? I will be unable to attend this weekend however this sounds very interesting.

I also cannot attend on Saturday at 10:00 this weekend, but I would be interested in meeting with local BP investors.  I hope you plan to have future meet ups. 

@Melanie McDaniel

Melanie please thank Karen again for the excellent information. I feel we should probably take her to lunch for spending time with us. She really went into detail and explained everything so clearly. Ill send her a text tomorrow thanking her as well. It would be interesting to see what a contractor would quote on the exact same house (rehab repair estimate) .

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